In this episode I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Mamie Parker while she was in Kansas speaking at our annual Kansas Natural Resource Conference. We talk briefly about her background and upbringing that made her the Mamie that people know today, some of her work with the USFWS and what she is doing now to keep herself busy since retiring.

This is a live interview that, when we started, took place in a quiet hotel lobby, but the hustle and bustle did inevitably creep in and a loud bell hop cart even makes an appearance. Regardless, I hope that you are able to enjoy this episode with of the the great people that make up this profession. While this conversation is brief, I would highly recommend that you all make sure to attend a Mamie Parker plenary session at some point to hear her full story and message. 


Main Point: Keep going and growing and make your best better!

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