Be A Guest!

Are you interested in being a guest on The Fisheries Podcast?

Come be a part of the hottest thing in fisheries science since the invention of electrofishing!

The podcast generally has two types of guests, expert and non-expert.

Expert Guest:

Each week I interview someone from the field of fisheries to hear about their amazing project or experiences. These guests have ranged from an undergraduate student to a professor, a federal employee to co-founders of non-profit NGOs. If you are in the field of fisheries, I want to hear about you! To get started, just schedule a recording time, I will then send you an email to get a short bio from you as well as hear more about your topic so I can form some questions. If you have any questions send me an email (

Non-Expert Guest:

Ocassionally I will have a non-expert guest on to keep the podcast from getting too "science-y." If you are interested in being one of these guests, just send me an email ( and let me know if there is a certain topic you would like to hear about or I can just get you on the next podcast. To keep it fun, I will have you go head to head with the expert to determine who knows more about that particular fish. So, come on the podcast and learn about something new! 


However you categorize yourself, I look forward to hearing from you and chatting with you on an episode of The Fisheries Podcast!


Or if you would just like to suggest a guest, let me know! Email me at