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022-Ohio is for lovers…of fish. Inland fisheries research and more with Dr. Jeremy Pritt

Hey there...In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Dr. Jeremy Pritt of the Ohio DNR's Inland Fisheries Research Center. We discuss some of the work he is doing tracking movements of Blue and Flathead Catfish in the Ohio River, evaluating length limits of river Sauger and reservoir Crappie, and evaluating and developing standard sampling methods in Ohio. We also preview the upcoming Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference taking place January 27-30,2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. Enjoy!

More information about the conference can be found here:

Main Point:There is value in learning from others and sharing data


021-Alligator Gar and more with Dr. Dan Daugherty

You know the saying, "Everything is bigGAR in Texas." In this episode I chat with Dr. Dan Daugherty of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department about the research he is doing with Alligator Gar in Texas. Unfortunately there was an internet issue on my end and part of his answer was not recorded. If you would like to find out more about the answer that he had cut off, check out his paper here:

We also talk about his role as the editor in chief of the North American Journal of Fisheries Management and what all goes in to planning the upcoming Southern Division meeting of the American Fisheries Society which will take place at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX January 24th through the 27th. More information can be found here:

If you would like to contact Dan to learn more about his research you can find his contact information at the following links:


I hope that you enjoy this episode of The Fisheries Podcast!

Main Point: Question Everything!


020-Downeast Salmon Federation with Dwayne Shaw

In the first episode of the new year I speak with Dwayne Shaw of the Downeast Salmon Federation. He and his organization operate two hatcheries and outreach centers in Maine working to restore Atlantic Salmon populations. To learn more about this effort head to Dwayne and his crew would appreciate any contributions you could make to their cause.

Main Point: Pay attention to the water!


For those wondering what happened to the previously mentioned episode with Andy Dean: due to the government shutdown we were unable to record the episode with Andy to hear about his work. That episode will hopefully be rescheduled once the shutdown is over.


019-Sustainable Marine Fisheries with Dr. Ray Hilborn

In this final episode of 2018 I chat with Dr. Ray Hilborn to learn about marine fisheries. We discuss how he originally worked with mice, his work with marine fisheries, his wikipedia page, and a mention of Chuck Yaeger. Enjoy!


Main Point: Be Skeptical! 


018-FISHmas fun with Katie O’Reilly

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I talk with Katie O'Reilly, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Notre Dame studying Great Lake coastal wetlands. We cover the work she is doing for her degree, her recent stint as a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow and how her role in FISHmas came about. I hope that enjoy this episode!

Main Point: Science doesn't have to be boring!


017-Black Hills Brown Trout with Travis Rehm

In this episode, Travis Rehm talks with me about his past work experiences in the upper Rocky Mountain region working in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming for various state, federal, and private agencies. He recently defended his master's thesis on Brown Trout density dependence in Spearfish Creek in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. We talk about his project and how his results will help managers moving forward. Enjoy!

Main Point: Support Wild Fish!


016-Lake Whitefish Natal Origin with Lydia Doerr

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I talk to Lydia Doerr, another graduate student from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. She is studying Lake Whitefish and trying to determine the natal origin of these fish using microchemistry and also attempting to validate the daily growth rings of larval Lake Whitefish otoliths. We talk about her project and a little about her background including a series of summers spent in New Zealand. Enjoy!


Main Point: Maintain the natural balance!


015-Lake Whitefish Early Life History with Andrew Ransom

This week I am joined by graduate student Andrew Ransom. He is attending the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and studying the early life history of Lake Whitefish. We talk about his work looking at spawning locations, spawning success, and larval sampling. He also roped one of his labmates in to coming on the podcast so we see who the real Lake Whitefish expert is. I hope that you enjoy this episode and listen next week to hear more about Lydia's work. Enjoy!


Main Point: Get Outside!


014-Great Lakes Fishery Commission with Dr. Marc Gaden

In this episode I speak with Dr. Marc Gaden, communications director and legislative liaison for the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. We discuss this organization's founding, their work with invasive species, and how they are involved with fish management and research in the Great Lakes. 

Main Point: Once non-native fish are introduced, it is harder to get rid of them.


013 - Aquaculture and AFS Presidency with Jesse Trushenski

In this episode I talk with Jesse Trushenski, director of animal health and welfare for Evaqua Farms and its sister company Riverence. She is also the current president of the American Fisheries Society. We discuss her background, what she does in her daily job, and the future of AFS. 


Main Point: Share your passion!