In this episode all four hosts got together to chat about a myriad of topics. We begin be discussing the American Fisheries Society's Virtual Annual Meeting. All of the hosts except for Nick have begun new jobs in 2020 so we catch up with what everyone's new titles and job duties are. In this discussion we learn that Brett has some pretty spotty internet in his new home so he unfortunately had to bow out. Nick, Julie, and Sue then go over their favorite books about fish that aren't text books. We've compiled a list of titles discussed here, starting with everyone's favorites: 

Nick: Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West, by Mark Spitzer

Sue: The Ecology of Running Waters, by H.B.N. Haynes

Julie: The Hungry Ocean, by Linda Greenlaw

Brett: For the Love of Rivers, by Kurt Fausch

Others discussed: 

In Search of Monster Fish, by Mark Spitzer

Season of the Gar, by Mark Spitzer

Any "Fishes of" book


Main Point: Read a book!

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