100 - The Fintennial!

This is the ONE HUNDREDTH episode of The Fisheries Podcast! In honor of these feat, we are offering 25% off our Teespring store now until the end of the year using promo code 25OFF.

In this special episode we take a trip down memory lane and hear a clip from the first episode about how and why the show was started. I originally planned to do a best of episode with clips of my favorite questions and answers but how can you pick from so many special episodes and condense that down to one episode. It was difficult but I did end up pulling some clips from most of our past episodes and compiling them in this special episode that highlights just how amazing each of our guests and the entire field of fisheries is. 

I hope that you enjoy this special episode and we look forward to talking to many of you in the next 100 episodes! We would also like to hear from you on social media with pictures of you enjoying the show or our gear, or just tell us some of your favorite parts from the podcast!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the past guests and each and every listener. A special Thank You to Brett, Julie, and Sue for volunteering to help with hosting duties. 

Main Point: Share Your Story!

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