Lian Guo and Aaron Bunch collaborate on a great conversation with Dr. Andrea Reid.  Have you ever thought about the history of the land you are on right now?  Look around you.  Many places are named after Native American/Indigenous Peoples.  Dr. Reid discusses many important aspects of the relationship between Native/Indigenous Peoples and Fisheries.  She discusses her open access paper which defines the concept of Two‐Eyed Seeing (Etuaptmumk in Mi’kmaw) which embraces “learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, and from the other eye with the strengths of mainstream knowledges and ways of knowing, and to use both these eyes together, for the benefit of all,” as envisaged by Elder Dr. Albert Marshall. 


Dr. Reid and co-authors put together a great reading list as mentioned in the podcast.

20 Essential Reads to Enable Two-Eyed Seeing in Aquatic Research and Management


Check out this great tool for starting to find out whose traditional territories we’re on.  It’s just a starting point to dive deeper since the site points you to nations/tribes’ websites and resources to learn more!


Check out the newly constructed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website from the American Fisheries Society!  


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The image is from Figure 1 of the linked paper with artwork from Nicole Burton.

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